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Fountain Beverages

Fountain beverages are 87% water. The right filtration solution from Nature's Best can consistently deliver that "right out of the bottle" taste, fizz and appeal your customers expect.

A fountain drink is typically five parts water to one part syrup (frozen carbonated beverage ratios vary), so around 87% water, and most are served with ice. Since ice is 100% water, that ratio only increases as the ice melts in your beverage. Those numbers illustrate just how critical a role clean, high-quality water plays in the final taste and smell of a fountain beverage. (And what many do not know is that water quality also affects the performance of delivery and dispensing systems, the balance of water to syrup and the quality of the carbonation).

Water contaminants are the most likely reason for off-tastes and odors in a fountain drink. Municipalities use chlorine or chloramines to disinfect central water supplies and those chemicals oxidize and break down sugars in water. Those reactions produce a range of different compounds that can negatively influence the taste of a beverage, and byproducts that can actually amplify chlorine or ammonia-like taste. In addition, because free chlorine is a gas, it will dissipate along with the carbonation after a drink is poured, creating a “swimming pool” smell.

Foodservice operations may resort to adjusting the brix ratio to mask these off-taste and odor concerns which only increases syrup costs – an expensive fix that directly impacts profit.

Nature’s Best foodservice filtration solutions help protect your fountain beverage revenue stream by helping deliver:

  • Consistent, high quality, affordable fountain beverages.
  • Lower equipment downtime, maintenance, and replacement costs.
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Increased profits.

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