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Nature's Best

Nature’s Best is South Florida's premier water cooler company, providing premium drinking water service for businesses from South Beach to Palm Beach. Now in our 20th year, Nature’s Best has the right water cooler for you. Whether you're thirsting for sparkling water or alkaline-enhanced water, we’re here to make sure that your employees, guests and customers are always happily hydrated. 

If you're still using a water delivery service, those days are over! Call one of our water cooler experts today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have and we'll even give you a FREE TRIAL!



It's all about clean, refreshing water. And with an advanced purification system that's loaded with capacity, Nature’s Best transforms ordinary tap water into great tasting, pure refreshment. Good news for you. Bad news for contaminants.


What could be simpler, or more sustainable, than replacing 8,000 16 oz. water bottles with a single filter? Or even 300 of the large 5-gallon bottles? Effortlessly, just a simple twist of the wrist and the filter is removed . . .without tools, without hassle -- even without turning off the water supply!


Leading the industry in energy conservation is the ION’s smart feature, SleepMode™. Using innovative software technology which monitors usage patterns and room lighting to adjust its operation, ION automatically powers down on evening and weekends. This results in the lowest possible energy usage without compromising performance. And with this proprietary software, the ION even surpasses the EPA’s energy requirements, qualifying it for Energy Star – as much as 80% lower energy consumption than other coolers! Now that’s Smart!


Bottled water coolers and old-style filtered water coolers only do part of the job. Experience Next-Generation Hydration™ with Nature's Best.

With Nature's Best, you can now enjoy an endless supply of ice cold, piping hot or even sparkling water! Want ice? We can do that too! Space an issue? Not for us -- we offer a choice of counter-top or freestanding bottleless water coolers for all your office water service needs.

With 17 years of experience, we know water . . . and we know bottleless water coolers. Don't be fooled by cheap imports -- many of the sleek, shiny water coolers you see today are just glorified water chillers that don't tell the whole story. Are they independently certified? Probably not. Do they utilize the latest in bottleless water cooler technology? Probably not. Do they look sexy? Probably, but hey, looks aren't everything. Our bottleless water coolers do look great, but they'll also provide you with great drinking water. Call us today at 855.955.BEST (2378) for a FREE TRIAL and taste the difference!

Our RapidResponse™ program takes customer service to the next level -- we instantly log your call and report back to you within 59 minutes to confirm your issue is being tracked from first call to solution . . . and that you remain informed every step of the way! A Nature’s Best representative will contact you, set up an appointment and attend to your issue within 24 hours of the initial call -- all at no additional cost to you! If we can’t solve the issue, we’ll simply bring you another cooler!

Water makes up 70% of our body. It covers nearly 75% of the planet. Few things are as vital. Yet somehow many still manage to take it for granted. Big mistake. All water is not created equal. Not even close. For us, good-looking water and good-tasting water should be a right and not a privilege. Water should be clear and simple. Ours is, the result of two decades perfecting technologies designed to dispense the freshest, cleanest, best contaminant-free water possible. Why? Because it’s totally possible. We’re really good at it, and there’s no reason to settle for less. As consumers, we’re very discerning when it comes to food and regulations are tight. Water, somehow, doesn’t receive the same treatment when maybe it should. Clean, purified water is one of the best things for you. Chlorine, lead or mercury contaminants and water-borne diseases are the last thing you want to put in your body. And just because water comes in a bottle or passes through a filter does not necessarily make it better for you. Nature’s Best purifiers are certified several times over, making them the best way to get you and your family the near perfect water you deserve. Ready to take the plunge? Learn more about our water cooler rental and servicing.

Regular filter checkups and hygiene maintenance by trained technicians to keep your water in perfect condition.