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Elite CT

The Next "Wave" In Electrolyte-Enhanced Hydration

The all-new Elite CT offers the latest in convenient workplace hydration. Its TOUCH-FREE PureWave™ sensor activation allows you to dispense water with the wave of your hand while its compact design will accommodate any office breakroom countertop. The Elite CT is designed to fit our filter configuration within its shell, giving a sleek, attractive look that will enhance your office breakroom.

To help protect against cross-contamination of germs in your workplace, the touchpad and surrounding surfaces are infused with SafeTouch™ technology -- an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of microbes on your water cooler.

The Elite CT has a built-in leak detector, and its unique LED ultraviolet light system provides continuous in-tank sanitization even when the cooler is not in use.  

Bottleless Hydration In A Compact, Sleek Design

  • TOUCH-FREE PureWave™ Dispense
  • State-of-the-art filtration
  • SST™ Ultraviolet Light Self-Sanitizing Technology
  • Alkaline-enhanced
  • Electrolyte BOOST
  • Built-in leak detection system
  • Fits perfectly under most breakroom cabinets while offering a large dispense area
  • LG Parts and components
  • Pure, refreshing water
Countertop Dimensions
14.2" (W) x 20.5" (H) x 15.5" (D)
Countertop Weight
50 lbs
Executive Black with Steel Accents
Recommended Filtration
Wellsys Multi-Stage Ultrafiltration PLUS Bio-Sure Protection
Hot Tank Capacity
.5 Gallons
Cold Tank Capacity
1.2 Gallons
Water Options
Hot and Cold
Water Temperatures
Hot and Cold
Multi-Stage Purification

Multi-Stage Purification

  • Sediment Filter 1

    Sediment Filter

    Reduces particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue that is present in most municipal water sources.

  • Pre-Carbon Filter 2

    Pre-Carbon Filter

    Reduces harmful contaminants such as chlorine, chemicals and pesticides.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane 3

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane

    Reduces solids, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and metals.



  • Restores/Adds Minerals & Electrolytes 4a

    Restores/Adds Minerals & Electrolytes

    More than 20 minerals and electrolytes are added.

  • Enhances Alkalinity 4b

    Enhances Alkalinity

    Water is enhanced with minerals to increase alkalinity.

  • Sanitizes Water 4c

    Sanitizes Water

    Colloidal silver is used to maintain the cleanliness of the waterway.

  • Final Polishing Filter 5

    Final Polishing Filter

    Coconut shell carbon polishes the water for clean, refreshing taste.



    Provides continuous in-tank cleaning properties even when the cooler is not in use.

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