Luxury Sustainable Bottled Water For Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Country Clubs and Conference Centers

Enjoy unlimited ice cold still or sparkling luxury water with your own bottles and our BluBar™ luxury pure water dispenser while saving money, time, space and the environment.

Vorresti di acqua naturale o frizzante? In Italy, water is something truly to be savored. Now you can provide your customers with that same refreshing Mediterranean taste at the touch of a button!

Introducing BluBar -- a new water cooler with an elegant, modern look designed specifically for the Hospitality industry . . . so cool!

100% Italian design and quality! 

Maximize your profits while eliminating the hassles, inconvenience and expense of bottled water! 

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100% Italian Design and Quality! 

Maximize your profits while eliminating the hassles, inconvenience and expense of traditional bottled water delivery service!
  • Ice-cold still and sparkling water options.
  • Constructed from stainless steel with Plexiglass inserts.
  • Icebank chilling technology.
  • Easy to use "beer" tap dispensing systems.
  • Certified advanced submicron filtration system removes over 99.99% of contaminants while leaving healthful natural minerals intact.
  • No more storing bottles -- save valuable storage space.
  • Compact design will accommodate any kitchen.
  • Perfect for restaurants, hotels, resorts, country clubs and conference centers.

Countertop Dimensions14.2" (W) x 22.2" (H) x 22.3" (D)
Countertop Weight77 lbs
Dispense Area Height12.6"
ColorStainless Steel with Backlit Plexiglass Panel
Cold Tank Capacity80 liters per hour
Water OptionsIce Cold Still or Sparkling