99.9999% Pure. 100% Sure.

The Waterlogic WL380 brings breakthrough Firewall water purification to your office in a sleek modern design that will be the highlight of any office or breakroom. With high-performance filtration and Firewall ultraviolet technology that purifies water to 99.9999% bacteria free, you can now provide the best in water quality.

  • Ultimate purity for your protection
  • Smart design with simple buttons and icons for ease of use
  • High capacity for exceptional water, whenever you want it
  • Thermal cut-out and UV sensors for peace of mind
  • Tower and Countertop options to suit every work place
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Three Steps to Greatness

All water should be pure, clear and taste great. We believe in a three-stage approach, and our breakthrough technology Firewall is the star performer in this process. 

High Performance Filtration
Multi-stage filtration removes common water contaminants and chlorine to dramatically improve water taste and odor.

Firewall Advanced UV Purification
Firewall ultraviolet light purifies the water to 99.9999% bacteria free. It acts as a final barrier to pathogens right at the point of dispense.

BioCote Anti-Microbial Protection
Plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing area are infused with BioCote.

Tower Dimensions15.2" (W) x 44.9" (H) x 14.4" (D)
Countertop Dimensions15.2" (W) x 18.5" (H) x 14.4" (D)
Tower Weight75 lbs
Countertop Weight48 lbs
Dispense Area Height8.5”
Hot Tank Capacity1.5 liters
Cold Tank Capacity4 liters (Tower) and 2 liters (Countertop)
Water OptionsHot and Cold
Water TemperaturesCold 40°F; Hot 188°F